5 Reddit Hacks to Paste Affiliate Link? Recomend URL Shortener for Reddit

Reddit link Shortener – Reddit does not like Affiliate Link. If you post an Affiliate link in Reddit and if your profile is new then Reddit bot will banned you instantly.

Then, What is the Solution?

We can not say that what the solution we mentioned here simple. Because if you post Affiliate link creating short link, till reddit bot will find you and you will be banned.

Method 1

The real solution is that create a profile in Recomend.is and Link your profile with multiple links. And you CTR will high when some one see the Word Recomend.is

How to create a Profile in Recomend.is?

Process is simple: – Example https://recomend.is/u/dmgkol

Affiliate Short Link for reddit

1st visit Recomend.is,

2nd sing up as a user for free,

3rd from setting make your profile public from setting.

4th use profile builder option to link your affiliate URL.

Method 2

In this method, you need to create default password protection short link using Recomend.is. And default password in Recomend URL Shortener is 1 and you need to put 1 as a password for your affiliate link.

If visitor of this link don’t know the password, no problem because we mention default password in every short link. Live Example https://recommend.is/N0z0K

1st visit Recomend.is

2nd sing up as a user for free.

3rd create short link and add password from Advanced Options.

Method 3

This is the costly method which I don’t recommend you. For this you need to buy a Cloaker.

No.1 Recomended Cloaker

Method 4

Create Landing Page

Method 5

Create your splash page using Recomend.is for Free. All the steps are almost same as method 1 and 2. So, visit recomend.is and create your Reddit short URL for your affiliate links.

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