How to Set a Blank Home Page in Your Browser | Chrome | Firefox | Edge

You, me, everybody likes everything must be neat and clean or in one word we would like to see that pleasure our eye that maybe our house or our browser. For the reason we are going for the change where the natural view gives eternal happiness to our eye as well as gives pleasure to our mind, finally we feel fresh.

So, from the above lines, we can conclude a decorative web-browser decrease your rate of tiredness, helps you to feel fresh and finally enhance your performance. But most of the browser provides news and advertisements that attract ourselves and reduce our performance. So, for better performance, we must use a blank home page with some extension and that will help us to provide a decorative home page as well as a single click on extension enhances your working speed.

In this article, we will talk about three most common browsers that are used to explore the internet in Windows that are Microsoft Edge, Chrome and Firefox. Note: The method or process that is discussing below, depending on the versions available in is the date and Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge:

The process followed to set a blank home page in Microsoft Edge is mention below:

  • Microsoft Edge formally known as Internet Explore has upgraded their browser with a search bar at the top of the page and some extension box at more or less middle of the screen, where you can put your regularly used website.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find a navigation bar, you can use as per your interest.
  • And finally a dashing picture at the background, they called as “Picture of the day”

So, as a conclusion there is no requirement to decorate Microsoft Edge, it is a decorated pleasuring one that helps you to increase your performance.


If you are a Chrome user then you must know Chrome is open with a simple looked blank page with some extension just below both search bar that you can change as per your requirement. But somehow your setting has changed then follows the steps mention below to come back in the previous look.

  • Lunched your “Chrome browser”.
  • Go to Triple dot at the top-right end of the screen and click.
  • Drag the mouse and hit on “Setting”
  • Go through the left side column and select “On Startup”
  • Finally, click on the redial button called “Open the New Tab Page”

If you want your page more gorgeous then go for these steps:

Method 1:

  • Lunched your “Chrome browser”.
  • Go to “Customize” at the bottom-right end of the screen and click.
  • Select “Background” and choose a picture.
  • Then Select “Shortcut”, there is two type shortcut and choose your desire one
  • Finally, go to “Color and Theme” and pick the color you like
  • Then click on “Done” and your page is ready.

Method 2:

  • Lunched your “Chrome browser”.
  • Go to the Triple dot at the top-right end of the screen and click.
  • Drag the mouse and hit on “Setting”
  • Go through the left side column and select “Appearance”
  • Click on ‘Box arrow on Theme row”, a new page, “Chrome Web Store” will open and choose the theme you like


In the Firefox browser, there are to opt for home page setup one is default and another one is the blank home page. Here we are discussing how to switch between them.

Set Blank Page as Home Page:

  • Lunched “Firefox”
  • Click on gear symbol for “Setting” or in the simple word go to “Setting”
  • Next again click on “Home”
  • Go to “Home page and Windows” and select “Blank Page”
  • Next, go to “New tabs” and select “Blank Page” to.
  • And you have done.

Set Default as Home Page:

  • Lunched “Firefox”
  • Go to the “navigation” bar and make a right-click
  • Click on “Menu bar” a menu bar will appear above the search bar
  • Next select “Tools” from the menu bar
  • Then drag the mouse and make a click on “Options”, options page will be displayed
  • Now, move the cursor towards the left side column and select “Home” from there
  • Finally, go to “Home page and Windows” and select “Firefox Home (Default)”
  • Next, go to “New tabs” and select “Firefox Home (Default)” to.
  • And you have done.

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