How to Rotate screen in Windows 10?

Windows 10 has the ability to rotate the screen that comes in handy in several situations.  It lets you change your orientation from portrait to landscape, and then reset it back to portrait –to meet your needs.

If you are using a tablet, changing the orientation of the screen can help you to read an article or a document. Programmers can turn to portrait mode for viewing the computer screen vertically.

Windows 10 offers multiple ways to rotate the screen in flipped, portrait, or landscape mode using keyboard shortcuts and Settings App or through the control panel software.

Follow these to rotate the screen using keyboard shortcuts

  • Click on Ctrl +Alt + Up arrow to rotate the Windows screen to Landscape Mode.
  • You can rotate the screen to Portrait mode by clicking on Ctrl +Alt + Down arrow or right arrow or left arrow.

Follow these to rotate the screen using Display Settings Menu

  • Right-click on the desktop to select Display Settings.
  • Below “Rearrange your display settings” section, select the screen you want to rotate.
  • Below the “Scale and Layout” section, click on Display Orientation drop-down menu select one of the orientation.
  • Rotate the monitor to the orientation you chose.
  • Click on the “Keep Changes” button.

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