How to block offensive comments on YouTube?

There are 1.9 billion users with 300 videos updated every second, it becomes almost impossible to monitor the content. Amidst the “freedom of speech” factor what you find offensive is OK for the others.

Anyone can create a YouTube Channel and upload their content; there is always a chance of finding something offensive on YouTube. This creates lots of issues for the users as well as for the social media site itself.

YouTube is one of the most popular online streaming sites used by billions of users across the world; most of these contents are not liked by all users. YouTube already has moderation programs to prevent inappropriate or offensive content.  Now you can customize your YouTube experience the way you want.

Fortunately, you can block the users, their comments, and channel that you don’t like. Blocking the user will stop him from posting offensive comments on your videos.  It lets you apply your own filter to prevent these offensive contents from appearing on your screen.

YouTube stores the details of all blocked users in a profile address book, which is difficult for a novice user to find. You can view the blocked users on YouTube; you can unblock someone from the list as well.

Follow these step-by-step instructions to block someone on YouTube 

If you have not signed in to your Google Account, then log in to your YouTube account.

Go to the profile of the person you want to block. Click on his name wherever it appears on YouTube. This could comment on your video or YouTube Channel. You can search for his name too.

From the list of options under their name, select About

Click the Flag icon on the top (near Send Message).

On their channel page scroll down to the “User Profile” box. Then select the Block User option.

Confirm by clicking the submit option on the next screen.

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