How to Add Pixel in Affiliate Link with URL Shortener?

Adding pixel or other tracking code is very important to increase your sales. I will explain everything to add Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, Quora Pixel, and many more.

To do this, you have to create a short URL using for your affiliate link. Without registration in, you can create multiple short URLs but you will not able to add pixel or tag manager.

So, It is important to Sign up in and then log in to your account. Also, you don’t need to register manually, you register with Gmail with one click.

After login into your account, go to the Tracking Pixel section. And add your pixel code.

After the successful addition of Pixel, you can short URL with this tracking pixel. It can be Facebook or Quora Pixel or Google Tag Manager.

So, go to dashboard

and paste URL like and don’t click on Shorten before that click on Advanced Options to add pixel in this URL.

In targeting pixels, you will see all of the added pixels that you have added in the Tracking Pixel section. So, choose which pixel you want to add to this URL.


This is our complete guide to adding pixels to your Affiliate links. This is really helpful if you run ads for Amazon Affiliates in Google or You have a YouTube channel and want to remarket them when a discount or deals or seasonal sale comes. And in this way, you will get for sure high conversion and ROI. This is tested from our end.

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