How to Add Page Numbers in Google Docs?

If a multi-page document is created using Google Docs, one way by which readers to keep track of where they are at is to add page numbers. Google Docs enables you to customize specific sections with page numbers and which number to start counting from in Docs.

It was confirmed by a G.Suite Blog post and it gives you far more control if you want to create documents within Docs. It is new to people who are familiar with Microsoft Word, but it’s a newly added to Google Docs.

The online word processing software offers a few options for the page numbers. You can decide where to put the page number in the header or footer of Docs.

You can also decide whether to number each and every page in Google Docs or to start numbering from the title page. Google Docs includes additional features as well.

After creating multiple sections in a document, you can insert total page count or number pages differently in different sections. Likewise, if your document includes cover pages and an index, you can choose to number pages to the body of your document only.

Follow The Step-by-Step Instructions to Add Page Numbers In Google Docs

Go to or open (an existing) Google Docs where you want to add page numbers.

In the top toolbar, click on the “Insert” Tab.

Then go to “Header and Page Number”. Follow the icon that shows how you want the page number to look and select “Page number”. There are four options for where you can place the Page Numbers.

Page Number will be added in the place you specify, You can also format the Page Numbers with underlining, italic, bold, and font tools.

Instead of Page Number, you can choose “Page Count”. This is the number of pages contained within the document, to wherever the cursor is placed.

You can adjust page number to appear in the top left corner by clicking on Left Align Button.

If you face any problems or issues, Google has a support page that’s dedicated to page numbering and formatting controls.

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