(Case Study) Amazon Affiliate Website Make $100000 Every Month?

Amazon Affiliate Website that make $100000 every month https://bestreviews.guide/.

Guy’s I am saying comparatively low amount and this site makes more than this amount of money. And to make this much of money, you need to invest only $5000.

Amazon Affiliate Website Cast study

We will explain everything in this article to make this amount of money and will show the estimated proof of this website earning.

Estimated Earning Proof:- I run multiple website and have a similar site targeted only in India. And from that site, I make 1000USD every month with a monthly visitor of 10,000. Which means I make 10 cents in every visit of my website.

Amazon Earning Proof

Now, if we check https://bestreviews.guide/ visitor in SimilarWeb (Just click on SimilarWeb to check visitors), I see that this site monthly visitor 25 Million every month which means 2.5 Crores visitors every month. And 80% of this site’s visitors come from Google Search.

Now Calculate: 2.5 Crore*0.1= 25,00,000 USD Every Month!

Can you imagine this much of amount every month?

You might don’t know the power of a successful website. And to make a site successful like this, you have to invest in between 1000 to 5000 USD every years.


Yes! we are here to explain everything from scratch.

First of all, you have to develop a website like this. Before development a catchy and attention grabbing domain and a hosting provider that make site really fast loading.

My favorite domain registration websites are dynodot.com, namecheap.com and my favorite hosting provider WPX, Kinsta, Cloudways (use google hosting server) and Bluehost which makes your site faster.

And site speed help to rank better in Google Search because it increase users experience.

How to Develop a Similar Amazon Affiliate Website?

I will explain two method to develop a similar website like bestreview.guide. In first method, I highly recommend to hire a freelance developer from Fiverr as it is a lot more cheaper than Upwork. If you are a developer than you know what to do.

2nd method you have to find a wordpress theme that will help you make a similar. WordPress is very easy and anyone can develop a website with the help of a wordpress theme. You can buy theme from Themeforest.com and it cost will be around $59 USD. To develop a site like that may cost around 500 USD.

I know a WordPress theme which is good to develop a similar website. If you build a site hiring a developer, your site looks will be more premium.

If you want to know which wordpress theme I recommend to build similar website, you have to mail biswajit@recomend.is

How to Drive Such Amount of Crazy Traffic to Maximize Your Profit?

The main source of traffic on the world of internet is Google. But Google is not the only traffic source. There is huge traffic in Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and others social media platform.

But your primary goal should be ranking in Google because who is searching on Google wants to buy the products. In compare with Social traffic with Google traffic, you will get much more sales when website visitors are coming from Google.

How to Rank Your Amazon Affiliate Website in Google?

You can hire an SEO expert from Fiverr or Upwork. But if you want to do it by yourself, you can read next steps with taking an SEO course.

1st Step:- Find keywords which are being searched in high quantity in Google. If you are not able to do that and published a post that is not being searched in any Search engine then you will never able to rank in Google or Bing.

To find such keywords, you can use tools like SEMRush. After finding a keywords which has large search volume finds that keywords difficulty to rank in Google or Bing. And you can see the keywords difficulty in the left side of the keyword in SEMRush.

Always try to write on a keyword which has low difficulty to rank in search engine. And lower than 30 difficulty level is always good to publish an article on that keyword.

SEMRush is a very powerful tool and I recommend to use its 7 days free trial.

2nd Step:- You have to make your website the best from others Amazon Affiliate Website. To do this, you have to crate content unique and better content from your competitors.

For example: You can add video at the bottom if you are creating website like https://bestreviews.guide/. And video gives better users experience.

3rd Step:- Now you have to tell search engine like Google or Bing that you have published a excellent content.

You can tell Google that my article is the best article in compare the articles which you (Google) are ranking in Google Search by giving some proof this.

You might think that how do I proof?

To proof, you have to drive some traffic for 1 to 3 months. You can get free traffic from Facebook, Quora, Pinterest, Instagram and others social media platform. So start posting and sharing your website post link in every possible platform from where you can get initial traffic.

If you post website link and images continuously for 1 month in social media platform, you will see that you are getting 500 to 1000 free visitors every month. If you can do it, you can run ads in social media and bring traffic. When you run ads, you don’t need to weight for traffic. You can get traffic from the first day.

But it is always beneficial to share website post or article related images in Social media. In long run, it will give you huge benefits from this type of social media post.

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